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SWTOR teases its new expansion, Cartel Market updates, and more coming by year’s end

With all the April Fool’s updates and misinformation that were flying around this weekend, it was a little difficult to tell what was a prank and what was real, especially after developers saying they were not going to do “traditional expansions.” That said, during an interview with influencer SWTOR Central, Community Manager Eric Musco and Creative Director Charles Boyd confirmed that they are currently working on an expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but not much more was said about that other than one quote from Boyd:

“We’ve got the story in 5.9 coming out in May, and that’s going to conclude the whole Theron traitor story arc and put a capper on the Eternal Throne-related activities, for the most part, in terms of being the focus of the story. And we’re definitely going to be getting back to a Republic-vs.-Empire-core storyline — getting back to that war — revitalizing it into the core original SWTOR conflict.”

However, it’s not quite time to jump up and down, yet. After Boyd said that during the interview, Musco inserted, “We’re still figuring out what the expansion really is,” hinting that most of the pieces aren’t really settled, yet.

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From New York Comic Con, SWTOR and Timothy Zahn welcome you to Copero

The developers for Star Wars: The Old Republic held their Cantina Tour event just outside New York Comic Con last night. To help promote the SWTOR content “Traitor Among the Chiss” coming to the game this fall, BioWare developers as well as favored Star Wars novelist and creator of the Chiss species Timothy Zahn spoke about the newest planetary addition: Copero.

At the NYCC, BioWare Creative Director Charles Boyd mentioned that Zahn was a key consultant in the creation of Copero, a planet located in the Chiss Ascendancy. “It was a fun chance to explore Chiss culture that hasn’t come up in the books yet, like Chiss structures and rituals,” the official SWTOR Twitter account quoted from Zahn at the event. “It’s fun to start theorizing about how the Chiss could have withdrawn from the greater galaxy over time… between the Old Republic and the films, and possibly explore how that happened in a future update.”

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Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s Creative Director on Uprisings and Update 5.1

We are a couple days early with the Hyperspace Beacon this week for a reason you’re going to love: We had an exclusive conversation with Creative Director Charles Boyd about the Star Wars: The Old Republic update releasing tomorrow, and we wanted to give you some insight into what Defend the Throne might offer you. Even though you won the day at the end of the latest expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne, there are still factions that have problems with you and your Alliance. There are still uprisings all over the galaxy.

The new group content called Uprisings (pretty on the nose there, right?) is the focus of the next update. We’ll see five more four-player, intense instances launch tomorrow, along with changes to the Command XP system and (of course) a new Cartel Market Pack.

I talked to Charles Boyd on Friday to get his input on the new content and a breakdown of each new Uprising and the overarching purpose behind them all.

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Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR Creative director discusses a ‘new adversary’

For the last five years and more, Star War: The Old Republic told the story of Tenebrae, a Sith of humble origins who rose to great power and ultimately corruption. Of course, there were other great stories along the way — the eight player stories, and ultimately, the Outlander’s story — but even the story of Revan revolved around this hidden but powerful figure who was eventually unveiled as the Sith Emperor.

At the end of last year, I talked to Producer Ben Irving and Creative Director Charles Boyd about the past five years of SWTOR and about what the future holds for the game. It turned out to be a wonderful, frank interview. I learned many things that I didn’t know about Irving and his introduction to BioWare, which I mentioned a post last year. But I also learned some fun facts about the future of the SWTOR story.

Without spoiling too much, I think it’s safe to mention that Tenebrae’s story wraps up in a nice little bow at the end of Knights of the Eternal Throne. I spoke to Boyd about the challenges of closing up a long, pivotal story and where the writers go from there. And one of the things he mentioned is a “new adversary.”

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Interview: BioWare devs reflect on five years of creating Star Wars: The Old Republic

I know that sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what you were doing five years ago. I know that I had been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic for a couple of days attempting to level my character quickly, but at the same time, enjoying the game. I honestly don’t remember exactly what I was doing five years ago on this date, but there is probably video record of it someplace. Last week, I spoke to two people who know exactly where they were and what they were doing five years ago. I’m talking about Producer Ben Irving and Creative Director Charles Boyd.

Many of us think of these triple-A games as part of the giant corporate machine, and unfortunately, there is a part of the game industry that is that money-making monstrosity. However, when you look at a game like SWTOR, you see passionate people who really want to make a great Star Wars game. You find Irving and Boyd both were there when the game launched on this date five years ago: December 20th, 2011.

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SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne launches today; we chat with BioWare

Last year, the developers of Star Wars the Old Republic changed the focus of the game. Instead of continuing to make Knights of the Old Republic the MMORPG, BioWare decided to place heavy focus on its single-player aspects when it launched Knights of the Fallen Empire. Today, the next expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, officially launches and asks the question: Why can’t we have a great singleplayer game and a great multiplayer game too? Why not both?

We were invited to speak to two of the key developers behind this latest expansion for SWTOR to see whether this question was answered. Producer Ben Irving and Creative Director Charles Boyd spoke to a small group of press on the phone to answer our questions as well as talk about some of the lessons learned from last year and the changes the game made in response to those issues.

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Waxing philosophical about SWTOR companions with BioWare’s Charles Boyd

Just in time for this week’s May the Fourth festivities, I spoke to Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Charles Boyd. He currently holds the title of Lead Designer — Creative, but he likes to refer to it as Creative Lead. It makes it easier to remember and say in front of his name. Essentially, he has creative control over the story and the direction of the game, specifically the narrative of the game. “I have unlimited power!” he exclaimed in his Emperor Palpatine impression. This only makes sense that a writer would hold this position given that it’s a BioWare game and he was big part of the development of Knights of the Fallen Empire back when he bore the title Lead Writer.

As I spoke to him about his job and the stories that he’s written over his almost 10 years at BioWare, the conversation took a philosophical turn toward the game’s companions, especially in how they reflect on the player and the characters that the players are puppeting.

There will be some minor spoilers about previous Knights of the Fallen Empire chapters, but I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum. But if you like to talk about storytelling in BioWare games or games in general, read on regardless of spoilers.

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SWTOR posts storyline trailer for KOTFE: Disavowed

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s latest Knights of the Fallen Empire chapter, Disavowed, went live for regular players this week, and now BioWare has released a new trailer featuring Creative Lead Charles Boyd explaining the storyline and narrative setup of the chapter. “It’s gonna be a dangerous mission,” he says, “so good luck out there.” We’ve included the video and new screenies below.

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Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR developers reflect on 2016

We all have those things in our lives that continue to pull at us, drive us, to learn more or do more. Sometimes it turns us into an obsessed captain Ahab chasing our giant white whale until it destroys us. Other times, obsessions can turn us into an industry giant like Steve Jobs. But most of us aren’t Ahab or Jobs; we are just everyday men and women with families and careers designed to give us fulfillment in our daily lives. And behind that veil of normality, we build these shrines to something we can’t not think about.

My shrine is built to Star Wars.

This past week, I met with three other people who have built a shrine to Star Wars as well, but these gentlemen have been able to make quite a career out of their obsession with Star Wars. These guys are, of course, the leads on Star Wars: The Old Republic. I spoke to Senior Producer Bruce Maclean, Lead Creative Designer Charles Boyd (former Lead Writer), and Lead Technical Designer Michael Backus.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk to them about the four years of SWTOR and specifically the creation of the latest expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. We talked about the creation process and how the game became what it is now. And we might have revealed some things that are yet to come.

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BioWare bangs the SWTOR story drum in new teaser vid

BioWare has published a brief Star Wars: The Old Republic video featuring lead writer Charles Boyd. He says that the Knights of Fallen Empire expansion gave the game’s writers a chance to approach the player’s story involvement in “a whole new way,” though he doesn’t give any specifics. He does say that the expansion launch will feature lots of new story content, followed by new chapters coming out “much more quickly than we ever have before and for a much longer time than we ever have before.”

You can view the video after the break.

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Hyperspace Beacon: Eight misconceptions about SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire

The actual information coming from BioWare‘s camp about Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s next expansion has thus far been more sparse than fans might have wanted, which unfortunately leads to some wild speculation and misinformation. That’s why today I’ve put together a list of the most common misconceptions that I’ve heard about Knights of the Fallen Empire. There are many more, I’m sure. And if you can think of others, drop them in the comments after reading this list.

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SWTOR lead writer talks expansion story and companions

If you’re curious about the story coming your way in BioWare’s next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion, you should probably read a post on the game’s official forums that was penned by lead writer Charles Boyd. It steers clear of spoilers, but it also hints at a few things that story fans might want to know.

“The choices you’ve made, romances you’ve pursued, your class, etc., are all a part of who your character is, and those decisions will be honored in Knights of the Fallen Empire; often in unexpected ways,” Boyd says. He also mentions companions, saying that “there’s a ton of stuff going on with companions in this release.” While he avoids specifics, Boyd explains that past companions will return, sometimes as “very critical” parts of the overall story shared by all Outlanders.

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Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s 12x XP leveling guide and Ziost’s finale

Happy Revenge of the Fifth! Because this column comes out on Tuesday, I’m a wee bit behind on wishing you a happy Star Wars day, but that said, some very important things happened yesterday. Not only was there exciting news in the Star Wars theatrical universe, but Star Wars: The Old Republic started its 12x XP and opened up the rest of Ziost.

I’d like to cover those two areas today. First, I want to give you a guide on how to prepare yourself properly for 12x XP so that you get the most out of it. Believe it or not, if you do 12x XP “wrong,” it can kill some of the fun. And I’d also like to talk about the second part of Ziost. If you saw my livestream yesterday, then you saw the spoiler, but I will try not to spoil anything that hasn’t already been spoiled by the Shadow of Revan expansion.

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