SWTOR explains just how you’ll get that free Nautolan unlock


If you were paying attention to anything other than WoW Classic on Monday, you might recall that Star Wars: The Old Republic slipped in the fact that it was delaying its expansion from September to October. If you were paying extra good attention, you might have seen that BioWare’s going to give out a free unlock for the Nautolan race to its subscribers as (unspoken) compensation.

The studio followed that announcement up with a subsequent post explaining just what you’ll need to do to get that free unlock. For starters, you’ll need to be subscribed at some point between September 1st and October 22nd. Even if you end your sub early, you’ll meet the qualifications for the unlock. The race itself won’t be handed to you until the October 22nd launch of Onslaught.

If you’re going from free-to-play to subscription just for a month, be aware that you’ll get some cartel coins to spend on useful items and unlocks as well as full access to your bank escrow and all past expansions.

Source: SWTOR

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As a former sub, who’s on ‘free’ right now, and busy unlocking this type of stuff, if it’s anything like the last few species unlocks, all you’d need to do is spend some Cartel Coins (CC) OR be subbed and pay something like 1.5m credits (You can’t be F2P and have 1.5m credits, as you’re capped at 1m credits.) OR since subs generally get access to all of the ‘species’ types…you could just make one and play it up to lvl max to unlock it. I personally don’t see it as an option in my game, so it must be part of some DLC/expansions…but this has held true for all the other species unlocks in the legacy for me so far…(I’m 2 levels on two characters, and 3 levels on another from unlocking Sith, Chiss, Rattataki again…which I had access to back when I was subbed…still need to level up my Mirialan…and somehow get my Miraluka over from the other server to boost it up too…to have everything I used to have access to unlocked…)

Considering credits are rather easy to gain (I have over 6m stashed after buying a bunch of unlocks for my characters/legacy) I’d say just keep saving em, then consider subbing for a month to do unlocks…then let it lapse again. lol

Subbing on this game seems to be mainly for ‘new content’ nowadays. Of course if you ‘love the game’ feel free to sub away…

Malcolm Swoboda

Timed for my interest to go Sept WoW Classic, Oct SWTOR.

Hikari Kenzaki

As there will likely be some manner of subscriber benefit associated with Onslaught the best one month sub method is probably going to be to sub less than 30 days prior to the 22nd, that way your sub bridges the Free Nautolan time and the Onslaught time.