EVE Online’s winter Onslaught update will go live on November 13


Prepare yourself, capsuleers: CCP Games¬†announced this week that EVE Online’s winter expansion, Onslaught, will be going live next Tuesday, November 13th, bringing with it an appropriate onslaught of additions, changes, and improvements to the perennially popular internet spaceship simulator. The expansion adds two new Triglavian ships — the Kikimora class destroyer and the Drekavak class battlecruiser — as well as “a whole host of new navigation structures that further enable capsuleers to become masters of their domain.”

These navigation structures, coincidentally, are also the topic of the most recent in-depth dev blog. The full contents of the post are far too long and extensive to adequately delve into here, but the long and short of it is that these new navigation structures should be “easier to deploy, use, and understand” than their predecessors while also offering their owners “granular control over access to their services. They also aim to add more dynamic gameplay possibilities in regard to establishing (and, as is often the case, disrupting) player-made infrastructure.

Onslaught will also iterate on abyssal deadspace, adding the first PvP encounters along with a new cooperative mode that “[allows] up to three frigate class hulls to venture into abyssal deadspace together in order to face off against the Triglavian threat.” And on top of the new content, there are also plenty of quality-of-life improvements, such as the new activity tracker, which “[allows] pilots to chart their achievements and future goals in New Eden” and which also includes “updated visuals on stargates across the cluster, a new global search function, and many more quality of life improvements.”

The full Onslaught patch notes will be made available “later in the week” in preparation for the expansion’s launch on November 13th.

Source: Official Site, 2. Thanks, Wilhelm!
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