SWTOR does a fly-by of Onslaught’s key capital city


There is less than a week to go until Star Wars: The Old Republic players get their first expansion in years. That means that Onslaught has a heavy burden of expectations to shoulder, especially as BioWare attempts to take its MMO back to a previous era of expansion design.

Yesterday, the studio posted a brief fly-by video of Iziz, the capital city of Onderon that players will no doubt be visiting during their adventures on the jungle planet.

Onslaught boasts a “reignited war” between the Empire and Republic with more class skills, group content, and a storyline that twists and turns through the paths of Onderon and Mek-Sha. Stay tuned for our upcoming Hyperspace Beacon column this afternoon, which will tackle whether or not the game is ready to jump into a new expansion!

Source: Twitter

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