New RIFT team letter discusses release cycle changes and the game’s future


Ever since Gamigo acquired Trion Worlds back in October 2018, RIFT players have been left in a sort of limbo in regard to what lies in store for the game’s future — or if it even has one, for that matter. But yesterday Community Manager Zyra stopped by the forums to shed some light on the subject. The short version is that RIFT will still be receiving new content and updates, but not in the same way that players may be used to.

“Traditionally, we have released large expansions once every 1.5 to 2 years; that is quite a lot time to wait between releases,” Zyra writes. “Going forward, we plan to release new dungeons, raids, quests, and levels more quickly, without having to wait for everything to be amassed into one large expansion.”

[AL:Rift]The post also reveals some of the team’s long-term plans for the game, which include a revamp to the daily calendar, the second season of the game’s battle pass (which will include a quest reroll feature), and refinement of the planar fragment system.

And in the more immediate future, players can look forward to planar fragment price changes, season events, and regularly scheduled Call to Action events starting with Unicornalia, which makes its return as a Call to Action event running from today, June 21st, until Sunday, June 23rd. While the Unicornalia event runs, players will be able to complete a variety of daily missions and zone events to earn Chaos Motes, which can be used to purchase “Unicornalia themed mounts and pets.”

Player reaction to Zyra’s post has been mixed, with most evidently appreciative of the communication and acknowledgment of issues but frustrated by the lack of any firm announcements of any new content, which has left them continuing to wonder whether the game in fact has a future ahead of it.

Source: Official Forums. Thanks, Anon!
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