Project Gorgon’s June update tweaks unarmed, gardening, sonic damage, and footsteps


Hey Project Gorgon, what are you up to this summer. Oh, you’ve got a new patch? And it’s got a bunch of random stuff? But I’m gonna like it? Sweet.

Yep, Elder Game’s early access MMO sandbox has rolled out a patch today with a bunch of weird additions. There are new war caches, there’s an upgrade to shop search, there are new tools for live events (!), the Unarmed skill has seen a huge overhaul, there are changes to treasure and legacy items, Sonic damage had been retired and converted, footsteps got a tweak, and there’s a big boon for gardeners who are willing to follow the in-game almanac. A sort of external sharing system is under construction as well for those of you who want an out-of-game record of your in-game fun.

“We’re working on some new ways for you to share your deeds and actions with the outside world. One thing we’re working on is a “news ticker” that shows recent heroic exploits, such as killing a boss, completing a recipe for the 1000th time, maxing out a skill, that sort of thing. (It’s not live yet — we’re still experimenting with it.) We’ll only be using your character’s name, and possibly other in-game names such as your guild’s name — we’d never share any real-life information. But if you are uncomfortable with having your character name-dropped outside of the game, you can opt out: in the “Social” window, under the “RESTRICT” tab, turn off “External References”.”

As we noted yesterday, Gorgon is one of many MMOs on sale during the Steam summer event right now.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Jackybah!

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Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

I read that as “unarmed gardening” and this being Project Gorgon I didn’t even question it.