OrbusVR’s Ruins of Guild City raid has officially launched alongside market stall revamps


Following its beta release a couple of weeks ago, OrbusVR’s Ruins of Guild City raid has officially opened its doors with the release of its latest patch, which went live yesterday. The 10-man raid features five new bosses, each with its own uniquely challenging mechanics, and of course there’s plenty of loot ripe for the plundering, including new raid weapons and armor, unique dyes, and “a rare Raid Boss Pet.”

In addition to the new raid, the update also reintroduces market stalls, which have been revamped to incorporate an automatic bidding system and integration with the auction house. Players interested in renting out one of the game’s 10 market stalls will now need to “simply visit their favorite auctioneer, select the Items category […] and bid on the current market stall auction.” Each market stall will remain up for auction for three days, at which point it will be rented out to the highest bidder, who will retain ownership of the stall until its next auction 27 days later.

Moreover, items that players put up for sale in market stalls will now also appear in the auction house as “single stack buyout only” listings, but they’ll be exempt from the usual 4% seller’s fee, which should make it a bit easier for stall proprietors to get their goods into customers’ hands without requiring buyers to trek all over town to check each stall individually. For all the info on the new market stall system — as well as details on the other minor fixes and changes added in the patch — be sure to check out the full patch notes.

Source: Patch Notes, Official Site (1, 2)
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