EverQuest II brings the Scorched Sky Celebrations back around for another year

I'm just a hunka hunka burning... something.

Come on, set the night on fire. Also set the day on fire. The whole point of EverQuest II’s Scorched Sky Celebrations is that you will be setting everything on fire, or at least celebrating fire across the game’s landscape. It doesn’t matter if you normally revere a different deity; with enough fire, everyone is equal! As ash. That actually sounds kind of morbid when you type it out like that, but there’s no time to think about it when you’ve got a whole lot of quests and prizes to get!

Players can celebrate the event in a variety of zones, along with helping cold-blooded creatures attracted to the flames in Darklight Woods. There are also housing decorations and costume items to purchase as part of the celebration, as well as an event-specific collection to fill up. If you just can’t wait to celebrate fire, be advised that this particular event is running until July 8th, so you’ve got a limited amount of time to just let it all burn.

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