Dark Age of Camelot addresses questions about buff stacking and synergy

Hey kid, I'm a dragon. Stop all the third-party tool usin'. Help dragon.

Players have had years to search out the intricacies of design in Dark Age of Camelot, but there’s still more to learn, as evidenced by the latest grab bag of questions from players. There are more than a few questions about how stacking buffs interact with one another, about players using outside buffs before coming back to a lower level, and about cap levels on buffs. So it’s clear that there are still questions to be asked about how the game’s mechanical rules interact.

To actually answer those questions: Broadsword says buffs generally stack as different categories of improvement even if they contribute to the same overall effect, the maximum energy resistance possible is set at 100%, and the game takes pains to make sure that lower-level characters cannot sneak into battlegrounds with buffs that shouldn’t be available to them. The developers are also making plans to free up some of the guild emblems that have already been claimed by guilds with few to no active members, so keep your eyes open for that. Check out the full set of answers for more details.

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I just want to say how awesome it is to see something on DAoC in 2019.

So awesome.