The June community journal from Chronicles of Elyria talks a lot about its Discord server


It would seem that the Chronicles of Elyria folks are mighty proud of their Discord server if the community journal for June is any indication. Along with the usual lip service paid to members of its community and mod team and precisely one technical question asked and answered by a developer, a significant chunk of the monthly newsletter is about Discord.

Specifically, the newsletter provided a nod to those who boosted the server in June to provide it various perks, as well as a moment to share popular memes posted in the server and the forums, and a look at popular surname reservations.

Of perhaps more significant interest are the look back “shiny” links at the top of the newsletter, which offered insights into water creation, a look at UI elements in the “Prelyria” early build, some screenshots of an abandoned desert mine location, and focus on the ongoing Domain and Settlement selection features.

Oh, also, there’s a Discord server.


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Since the community journal coincidentally shared no memes regarding the hot topic of domain and settlement selection (d&ss) im leaving this here, credits go to Narlando:

Robert Mann

Yeah, they have got a few “Here’s a lesson you guys better learn fast” from events so far.

I remember the whole kerfuffle about missing items with one, them saying “It’s fixed!” and a bunch of people responding with “Uh, no, I’m missing stuff. It’s not fixed.” Just as another example.

It’ll be interesting to see how they move forward from this one.