Albion Online’s Percival update is live with new solo random dungeons and customization perks

Albion Online’s Percival update is live with new solo random dungeons and customization perks

It’s patch day for Albion Online, as the big summer update, dubbed Percival, has been unleashed on the live servers. Sandbox Interactive notes it’s the game’s seventh major update since its formal PC launch in 2017. The highlight of the patch is the game’s new solo randomized dungeons, new mount system, and new higher-poly character models.

“Albion Online has taken the next step to expand on its open world: Percival introduces randomized dungeons for solo players that will offer a unique experience each time they are played. These solo dungeons can be found all over the open world in Albion and are filled to the brim with challenges and rewards. Adventurers can also find special maps, highlighting the way to even more challenging dungeons that beckon with stronger foes – and even greater rewards. Additionally, Percival brings an extensive customization system to the game. Players now have access to dozens of new beards, hairstyles, and face options. These can be applied both during the creation of a new character and in the newly-introduced customization view in the game itself. A large selection of mount skins allows for new looks for various mounts. Many of the special mounts already in the game have been converted into the new skin system.”

Check out the new trailer, and happy solo dungeon-delving!

Source: Official site, press release

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I have absolutely loved the content this update has added so far! However, there are heavy performance issues plaguing the game right now. Even in crowded Caerleon, I’ve never had heavy performance issues.

It may be at least partially due to a pop increase, as the game does appear to be more bustling than ever before, but whether it’s the server not handling the population, or issues with the update, it’s REALLY bad right now.