Star Citizen’s monthly report covers AI updates for 3.6, the 890 Jump, and epic sunsets


A new month, a new report from RSI and Star Citizen! As one would expect, it’s nearly all hands on deck as the game prepares itself for alpha 3.6, though work on a variety of other factors for the game and for Squadron 42 obviously continue in earnest.

The first and perhaps more noteworthy piece of news is the AI updates arriving in 3.6. with refinements to AI subsumption (a five-dollar word to denote how enemy AI considers what to do next and then executes said action) that will improve overall performance and new tactical behaviors for open environments due in 3.6. There’s also work being done to add an “investigate” behavior for ground AI and strafing maneuvers for AI pilots.

Work on the extremely swish Origin 890 Jump pushes on; a final lighting pass, final art for the battle bridge, and several other ship components like the elevator door and hangar landing pad were added. Shouldn’t be too long before there’s a new ship for whales to toss money at.

There’s also work done to improve data load in the game’s backend, initial testing done for server-side object container streaming , and the usual grab bag of bits and bobs. You can get the full report and scour things yourself for more.

Perhaps, though, you prefer the pretty pretty pictures? In that case, you might like to see one intrepid pilot’s travelogue of a sunset from every planet’s surface in the Stanton system in glorious 4K resolution. It’s either an indicator of how little there is to do in Star Citizen or the sort of emergent gameplay that sandboxes are great at depending on who you ask, but it’s hard to deny that these are some desperately pretty screenshots.

sources: Official site (1, 2). With thanks to DK for the tip!
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