Overwatch’s latest development update promises summer games sooner and the next hero later


If you think you can predict what Overwatch will do next with its updates, the latest development update from Jeff Kaplan is here to puncture that image. Guess what? Summer games is coming out, but it’s coming out sooner than you predict! How do you like that?! Actually, if you’re playing the game you probably like it just fine, since it’s also bringing along a new set of weekly challenges that unlock skins for clearing them.

The game is also working on its 31st hero, but he’s not going to be out until later than predicted (and yes, Kaplan pointedly says it’s a he), so you’ll have to be a bit more patient on that front. The full update also discusses some of the game’s anti-cheat measures, which you can see just below; at just under four minutes, it’s not onerous to watch the whole thing.

Source: YouTube
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