Heroes of the Storm’s latest balance patch buffs everyone’s movement speed


The latest balance patch for Heroes of the Storm has arrived, and it starts by making everyone faster. No, really, everyone has gotten a base movement speed increase by 10%, which means that you’ll get to and from points more quickly even without various movement buffs. The idea is to make the game feel more snappy to play and like you spend less time getting to the interesting part, so let’s see how a faster world feels overall.

Meanwhile, a large number of heroes have seen various changes. Some of them are small ones; Anub’arak has seen his Harden Carapace cooldown increased by one second, so he can’t use the defensive trick quite as often. Other are pretty extensive, like the wide rework of Zeratul’s Wormhole ability or the attempts to smooth Yrel’s overall leveling power curve. Check out the full rundown of the changes before you go smashing into the game again; if nothing else, the across-the-board speed buff should ensure you find out whether you like the changes or not quickly.

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