Anthem’s finally pushed out pre-Cataclysm challenges – hope ya like smashing crystals


Remember last week, when everyone in the Anthem community got excited about a Cataclysm precursor event whose timeline leak appeared to be a bug? It’s was a big ol’ womp-womp moment for one of the zeitgeist’s most beleaguered games.

The good news is that now there are some new pre-Cataclysm challenges online in Freeplay mode. The Reddit thread on the topic notes they’re bundled together under The Oncoming Storm and revolve around the crystals popping up all across Bastion: “You either destroy crystals, kill crystalized enemies, or complete crystal world events.” In return, players pick up coins and javelin decals. Huh.

Cataclysm itself has been cooking for a while, after spending the better part of this summer in testing, though our own Not So Massively columnist has opined that Cataclysm isn’t going to save the game in the way that it needs.

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Source: Reddit via PCGN

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The game needs to open up the planet it’s on, more freeplay maps and corresponding story, maybe some pvp, more opportunities to meet other people(like a big second hub, similar to Fort Tarsis but with enough space to contain alot of players). That would be nice for a start. I doubt it will happen considering the time they needed to create the cataclysm mode, which isn’t much really, an additional grind to keep people occupied a little longer on a map full of reused assets. I don’t think they have many people working on Anthem.

I did enjoy the game(alot, actually, story is good, gameplay is fantastic, “classes” are diverse enough to provide replayability and experimentation) and am satisfied with my purchase but with increasing play-time and more thought put into it I got why people aren’t satisfied with it. If you strip the game to it’s components the actual playing field is really small(though the story campaign does a good job hiding that) and for someone not interested in taking in the story, dialogues etc. it’s more obvious(or people simply expect to much these days). I’m not sure why Bioware didn’t manage to provide more than the single freeplay map we got and spread the story across different regions(with more opportunities to meet other players). Fort Tarsis should have been just a starting point, not a place we go back to all the time just to run to the couple of NPC’s which might throw some new dialogue at us.


That is almost exactly the way I feel. I think it is obvious the game was incomplete at launch and what baffles me now is that Anthem is not moving toward completion.

I welcome Cataclysm. I will continue to play, mainly because of what you have described. The combat and movement is pure fun, there are other classes I want to level to cap, and the story beats aren’t bad prior to the endgame gear grind.

IMO, if the game had been finished with a true integration of story, community, and its gameplay elements it would have been a huge success. Areas where you can interact with other players, a more fleshed out story with cinematics and polish and big open world biomes to enjoy and investigate in free play would make Anthem unique irresistible even by many of its critics.

But, it doesn’t seem, at this point, that the game is moving forward.

Dug From The Earth

wow… challenges….

grade A content.


Yeah. It’s been in, to some extent, since late last week.

It’s been fun. I enjoy open play and I’m a big proponent of adding more to that game mode. I really feel immersed because of the quasi-open world and the unpredictable nature of what you will find as you fly through familiar paths.

Love finding Titans for example while in GM3 difficulty. Gets the old blood pumper going.

But, yeah. It is an improvement but not necessarily new gameplay.

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Alex Willis

this crystal game got dark

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Just like businesses tend not to name important projects ‘Phoenix’, I think MMO companies should stay clear of naming additions and expansions ‘Cataclysm’. Just saying.


It’s up since Friday. But nothing terribly exciting so far.