Anthem’s finally pushed out pre-Cataclysm challenges – hope ya like smashing crystals


Remember last week, when everyone in the Anthem community got excited about a Cataclysm precursor event whose timeline leak appeared to be a bug? It’s was a big ol’ womp-womp moment for one of the zeitgeist’s most beleaguered games.

The good news is that now there are some new pre-Cataclysm challenges online in Freeplay mode. The Reddit thread on the topic notes they’re bundled together under The Oncoming Storm and revolve around the crystals popping up all across Bastion: “You either destroy crystals, kill crystalized enemies, or complete crystal world events.” In return, players pick up coins and javelin decals. Huh.

Cataclysm itself has been cooking for a while, after spending the better part of this summer in testing, though our own Not So Massively columnist has opined that Cataclysm isn’t going to save the game in the way that it needs.

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Source: Reddit via PCGN
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