Camelot Unchained floods the beta’s countryside with giants


Be scared. Be very scared. The team at City State Entertainment is going nuts playing with Camelot Unchained’s sliders, and the end result of this experimentation is the creation of massive giants stomping all around the battlefields.

This experimentation has a purpose beyond amusing the devs, apparently: “You’ll note [Mark Jacobs] mentioned the small amount of work we did that let us change our local character’s scale. This allowed us to walk around in game to determine a good test size for giants. Also, it was just plain fun to do.”

As the RvR MMORPG continues development and testing, the team is focusing on audio improvements, drafting up concepts for the Draugar NPCs, and prototyping the walk for giants. You can take a look at the “giant” scale test, plus the latest Q&A video, after the break!