Lord of the Rings Online patches in swamp monsters, Captain changes, and scion difficulty


The pretty, fairy tale-like quality of Lord of the Rings Online’s Vale of Anduin is being infested by a sinister streak, thanks to Tuesday’s Update 24.2. The fantasy MMO released an “interlude” content patch that added more story, a new dungeon, class changes, and more.

In the patch, players can experience a prologue to this fall’s Minas Morgul expansion, explore the swampy areas of the Gladdenmere, fight through a flooded Dwarf fortress (which is coming soon), and elect to use a higher difficulty level for instances that will pay out in better loot. “A rock slide in the Vales of Anduin has opened up the Gladdenmere high above the Gladden Fields,” the devs posted. “Radagast now seeks answers to the mysterious shades encroaching upon the low-lands from that mysterious mountain lake.”

Crafting opened up a new tier of essences, while Captains should be particularly happy to see their class get a lot of love. Many Cappy skills have had cooldowns reduced and effects increased, and those who wish to have an Elf at their side as a herald can now choose a pointy-eared companion.

Source: Patch notes
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