WRUP: Rejected Joker schemes to kill Batman with rejection notes edition

WRUP: Rejected Joker schemes to kill Batman with rejection notes edition

Scheme from H. Mortimer: “Develop a new time-delayed explosive that are placed in cakes throughout the city. While Batman is trying to collect the cakes, reveal that they are remote-detonated and destroy one.” (REJECTED – too much respect for cake-makers after watching Great British Bake-Off. -J)

Scheme from D. Ramirez: “Plant laughing gas containers throughout a hospital labeled 1, 2, and 4. While he’s searching for the one labeled 3, blow up the building.” (REJECTED – far too basic and stealing from my old materials. -J)

Scheme from E. Fulton: “Train a squad of attack hyenas and release them in the sewers.” (REJECTED – but this did give me an idea for a new reality show we could release on YouTube to drum up money, see me in my office which is build inside of an abandoned novelty factory. -J)

Scheme from N. Armitage: “Tell Batman to meet you at a specific location with lots of hints that something sinister will happen. When he shows up, shoot him with a gun.” (REJECTED – what a novel idea, you’re really going places, please meet me in my office where you are definitely getting a promotion and lots of presents. -J)

Scheme from L. Washington: “What Are You Playing.” (REJECTED – Harley took my Switch when she went to live with her girlfriend so I’m not playing anything, this is so sad alexa play despacito -J)

Bonus question: What’s your favorite movie in the past two decades that you unironically love which was critically lambasted? (Yes, we’re doing xkcd’s “Unpopular Opinions” bit here.)

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Gonna try to get in some Pokemon Go time, but I’m hanging out with a whiny dog at Japanese festival on Saturday and he’ll probably make me carry him because he’s old. Ah well. Maybe that’ll give me karma for a shiny Rayquaza.

Favorite critically disliked movie in the past 20 years? Maybe Watchmen or Venom. Can’t remember how critics viewed Watchmen but I remember the fan reaction and I was on the wrong side with them. Pitchforks down, please! Also, Venom was fun.

Andy McAdams: Keeping in the Final Fantasy XIV – going to try and shift gears to some gathering and crafting this weekend. I might boot up Legends of Aria or Albion Online for some sandboxy fun too, but we’ll see.

Bonus: I’m kind of notorious for liking terrible movies. We’ll go with “The Core” because that was movie was so unbelievable, but for some reason I loved every second of it.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I’ll probably pop into The Elder Scrolls Online a couple of times for the Orsinium event. Gotta bow to my impulse to collect those Indrik tickets! Besides that, I’ll probably continue leveling my Japanese cruiser line in World of Warships and eradicating goons in RAGE 2.

I’m not sure if this movie qualifies since it has a 58% metacritic score, but I used to love the Nicolas Cage/Sean Connery film The Rock from 1996. Watched now, it certainly has the distinct feel of those 90’s action films, and Cage’s acting is a bit cheesy but Ed Harris is still brilliant as the sympathetic villian. I’d watch it again without hesitation.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I have no choice: I gotta be in Star Wars Galaxies Legends getting the Yavin carnivore meat. It’s server best. It caps all my food. I need to farm it until I can’t stand it. (I already can’t stand it, but yeah, still need it!)

I spent a solid 20 minutes surfing articles like this trying to even think of something that was outright critically panned. Turns out I just haven’t seen enough true garbage beyond MST3K. It’s probably something like Attack of the Clones, which is kinda terrible, but I also still kinda like it and wish it were just Obi-Wan playing detective the whole time.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): After a brief interlude on Friday evening, it’ll be the usual FFXIV for me, although I am starting to branch out a little bit more into as-yet-undetermined titles. Hey, I’ve cleared all my sidequests and we’re now on to the slower part of leveling everything. Cut me a little slack here.

One of my favorite aspects of the way that movies exist is that I can frequently see films with middling-to-bad critical scores that are really entertaining to me while also understanding why these films didn’t score well. Power Rangers, for example, wasn’t something I would call a good film, but it had a lot of ideas, a genuinely fun retake on the original premise, and felt new and fresh. Jupiter Ascending is the kind of bonkers worldbuilding that makes me immediately want seven more films and a miniseries about this weird universe. And I will never not love the absolutely raucous and bizarre comedy of Let’s Go To Prison, a film that swings big for black comedy, misses some marks, but takes a lot of shots that land solidly in absurdist hilarity.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I am hip deep in both Aura Kingdom and Riders of Icarus right now. I am in a holding pattern for Neverwinter and No Man’s Sky next week. I also need to clean house, do laundry, and work on my non-gaming projects. Too many things to do, not enough me to go around.

The last 2 decades, eh? All my favorite movies involve things exploding and/or people getting eaten, and those generally aren’t the darlings of critics.

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): I’m going to keep on with Guild Wars 2 festivals and play some Legends of Aria hopefully. I really want to play more Crowfall this weekend too but I’m not sure if I’ll make the time for it.

I actually liked the whole Matrix trilogy, even Revolutions. Give them a pass on special effects, they were doing their best! I enjoyed it totally.

Tyler Edwards: Continuing my D&D campaign based on The Secret World and probably playing more of Anthem’s Cataclysm content.

Most movies I love are critically lambasted, so that could be a long list. If we’re picking a single favourite, Star Trek: Nemesis. It’s the best Trek movie out of the whole franchise. Fite me.

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Ian Wells

So much Nier: Automata. Bought it off steam when it was on sale a couple weeks back and have been hooked since. Started route C a day or two ago…

Oh, Nines…

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Not much new to tell from this past week in gaming.

I did dip back in to the Pathfinder: Kingmaker fantasy computer rpg — it seems as if the developers at Owlcat have finally worked out most of the kinks and technical issues thete. I’m having fun so far.

Be advised, if you’re interested in playing Kingmaker, that a minimum of 8GB RAM is pretty much a necessity to play, no matter what the game specs might claim.

Also, the game should run a lot better for you, in it’s old problem area of game loading and unloading, if you have a solid-state hard drive (a.k.a. an SSD) on your rig. I don’t have an SSD, and the game exit (unloading) time still takes about five minutes to completely resolve through to Steam.

Otherwise, though, the game plays far better, and the developers have added a lot more necessary guidance on how to play, and what you can do while playing and also managing your fantasy kingdom.

Recommended, if you’re intrigued.

Take care of yourselves, and each other, please. See you next time!

EDIT: One of my favorite movies that isn’t necessarily very good? Split Second (1992), starring the late Rutger Hauer.

Nick Smith

Legends of aria for me, with some Elder Scrolls Online AND Elder Scrolls Legends Card game. City of Heroes has been and will be played too.

After about 5 years of dedicated Trove playing… im losing steam. I still login but only to collect my dailys.

Im seeing a mmo trend in my life. If i really like a mmo, I tend to only play a for about 5 years then move on. Anyone else do this?


You forgot the best scheme of all! When The Joker decides to revisit a pivotal moment in his early career, and vows to give Batman the boner of a lifetime. The biggest he’s ever seen. The one the likes of the city couldn’t compete against just a few years before DC Comic’s classic Silver Age. Batman #66.

Then slip a bunch of Viagra pills into Batsie’s water without warning him, and having it last for more than 4 hours. Could this be part of some weird Adam-West era Batman porno parody? Maybe. Fan-fiction of the most dubious and questionable kind? Probably already… But Batman would never expect it! He’ll be too busy expecting Joker to perhaps rob or tamper with a medical facility that produces those little pills, or maybe rob a series of banks as a literal interpretation…

And whilst I recognize the lunacy of that idea, and ready to sever my pinky as tribute to make up for it?

Judgement, so don’t judge me. Internet started acting like crap, so if I get a decent chance I might play a little Final Fantasy 14 to finish hitting 80 and the MSQ or Dragons Dogma Online…
Otherwise Fire Emblem on the Switch, while counting down the days to Astral Chain’s unlock.

As for the bonus question? The 90s Batman movies, for one. I can’t say the original Tim Burtons because they are well past the 20 years rule. But as for Batman And Robin and Batman Forever? They are bad, hocky messes… but I enjoy them. And while it came out in the early 90s… I didn’t see it until the late 90s so I’d argue the Super Mario Bros. film! And I always have a weakness for Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children…
Other than that…?
the two Power Ranger movies from 95-97. I have to give them a recent watch to confirm whether or not I still enjoy them… but last I’d seen them? I can’t help but have a bit of a laugh and enjoy myself.

Also… Dragon Ball Evolution. I’m a monster. I’m probably breaking the rule somewhat about ‘unironic’ love… but… it’s fascinating to see the sort of inconsistencies that pop up during it which more than prove just how little the film makers there really cared about making that movie. I ended up watching how things crop up or disappear more-so than the movie itself. There’s a scene with… Chi-Chi and… Chi-Chi… where a cut disappears, reappears, and disappears again on the same character between shots. I’d have to check, god help myself, but I swear the positions even change a little between them!

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Wizards Unite – Still Lv 21, but almost 22. All done the previous Harry event, skipped out on Community Day, and preparing for the upcoming Hogwards event.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record (I love putting the whole title down) – Progressing through Ch 4 (of now 5) and basicalllyyy got what I wanted from previous event, and I’m about the grind the hell out of the current event. Collecting ..rice. Ok!
  • Magikarp Splash – Around Lv 55 and only a couple gym badges left! Though I think there’s more after that.
  • Mobius Final Fantasy – Keeping up with FFVIII collab event updates, though I’m not really understanding what I’m doing!
  • Pokemon Masters – Finally ‘out’ (well, the early access) in Canada and I was doing fine in the first several story chapters then suddenly a wall with a chapter boss. Sounds like I may require up to days more casual upgrading to tackle it.
  • FFXV Pocket Edition – Returning to casually playing this and I’m heading towards the Leviathan part. Oh how I wish to finally complete this game and free up the space in my phone! Story and character writing is definitely not compelling me, sad for a FF game. But I don’t hate it and I can see myself getting the real deal game on discount.
  • Another Eden – Not really returning to it, but daily logging and with IRL friends getting sucked into it, I’ll definitely be trying to finish its main story and the grind in later episodes soon.

Again not MMOing, but I’m intending on WoW Classic. If there’s a MOP guild I might be into that!

Might try the FFXIV free time.

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I’m still wandering into and out of Trove when the urge to MMO strikes me. Other than that … single player games, mostly old CRPG’s, and jumping back into both Skyrim and Oblivion. Interestingly, my 16 year old son has recently discovered Skyrim, and has spent a good chunk of his summer playing it. I still remember being in line at GameStop for the midnight launch party. Good times.

Favorite movie the critics lambasted … Jeez, this could be a long list. I’ll go with The Ninth Gate (RT score 43%, but in my defense, audience score was 14% higher!).

Have a great weekend, all!

Kickstarter Donor

Oh man, I love that movie.


I’m playing Digimon Masters Online. I had a Digimon itch that needed scratching.


Almost forgot. A movie I love that critics don’t is Battle: Los Angeles


You don’t know the Joker very well if you think he actually wants to kill Batman, some of his best story arcs were about teaching moments to get Batman to bond with him; their dance is actually a bromance.

I won’t be playing anything today as I’ll be too busy trying to figure out how to seat a CPU with out breaking the thing, assembling a CPU/MOBO/RAM with my current hard drive since I’m too cheap to buy Windows and have no &^%$ing clue what I’m doing.

Still debating whether my Ryzen 3 VEGA 8 IGPU is an upgrade over my GEFORCE 650 GPU.

Bruno Brito

Eh…depends. He does want to kill the Bat, but he knows it to be impossible. He finds that the Justice League as a whole is easier to handle than Batman itself.

Joker’s objectives aren’t really clear, since he’s batshit, but most of his “pranks” aim to make the Bat cringe. More than killing him ( which is something for after all the pain the Bat goes through ), he wants to force Bruce to be the weapon. He knowns that he kills the Bat the moment Bruce decides to execute him. So, he keeps trying to force that moral code all the time.


Emperor Joker, and by extension the Brave & Bold episode based off it, would disagree with you.

He kills Batman. A lot. Like… a whole lotta lots. The Joker would kill Batman, but he’s also more than aware that an existence without Batman isn’t any fun. Which is how both the comic and TV versions of Emperor Joker end. He wants to kill the Bats. He really, really… really wants to…

But it’s the sort of trick Daffy Duck knows you can only do once. And it isn’t worth it.

Bruno Brito

I decided to pick up SWTOR to see if it would scratch my futuristic MMO itch ( SWG is too confusing for me, and i feel desolated, need to look for a guild ).

The game is…man, how do i put this. SWTOR suffers. It has replayability in it’s stories, but it’s streamlined, hence why they made you get a shitload of xp just by storymode. The game feels gutted, the specs feel weird. I’m playing a Powertech, and they lost a lot of the Bounty Hunter’s shared skills. The new skills feel clunky.

Also, while people were patting themselves in the back for the F2P increase in money and such, i have several issues with their F2P model:

1- Nothing to unlock in the GTM is below 2 million. NOTHING. F2P is a game of finding unlocks. That doesn’t happen here.

2- Weekly warzone lockouts. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? PvP presence is already extremely weak in this game with the bodies we have, keeping people out of warzones is completely idiotic.

I mean, really, do anyone, ANYONE, sub to SWTOR to do anything beyond the history? Really. Does these arbitrary punishments even help them make money? Because it seems it just scares their F2P playerbase and makes the game seem way more desolate and a single-player game.

Anyway, rant off. I’ll be back on Legends, and see if i can just chill there.


I made a Guan Yu.

Kickstarter Donor

Love the pic! Thanks, Bruno!

Bruno Brito

I’m here to please.


FFXIV, Warframe, and not really sure what else. Those have pretty much become my main games with some random stuff in-between when I feel like doing singleplayer or whatnot.