No Man’s Sky discusses social spaces, cooking, animal taming, and other features of the Beyond update


    It would appear, considering the timing of our source articles, that a media embargo lifted. No Man’s Sky has been making the games media rounds ahead of its impressive, multiplayer-focused Beyond update, elaborating on a number of features that will be arriving to the sci-fi sandbox.

    One such feature is the Nexus, the social lounge that featured at the close of the trailer Hello Games released earlier this week. The Nexus will allow up to 32 players to gather at once, letting players do things like organize missions, visit each other’s home base, and — most vitally — show off their items and ships. There will be other planets that serve as social hubs as well, referred to in one interview as “pinch points” that offer reasons for players to congregate such as a planet that offers a vehicle-based soccer game a la Rocket League.

    Another piece from Kotaku elaborated on some of the new cooking functions that players will have access to. Players can now use the plant items they harvest and even milk certain animals, build a cooking station, and then combine those ingredients in to meals. Hello Games’ Sean Murray even says that players could act as a food delivery service for others if they so choose. And, yes, you can indeed tame and ride certain animals as well if driving rovers is too boring for you.

    Finally, a video interview from IGN with Sean Murray continues to explain how three separate updates combined to form Beyond, elaborating on VR functionality, how the Nexus operates, and the number of features that the patch notes will have — reportedly twice as many as the Next update. That video interview is below.

    sources: Polygon, Kotaku, YouTube, thanks to Freddy and Kinya for the tip!

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    The industry could do with more companies like Hello Games. They screwed up big time but they put things right, and they did it without asking for a single penny more. No wonder several of their players recently paid for a billboard opposite their office to thank them. I doubt Blizzard will ever see that happen.

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    I’m IMPRESSED. And I’ve been one of those folks that has been happy with NMS since I bought it when it came out. I’m really, really impressed with this, and will be getting my VR on when I get time for it. Nicely damn done, Hello Games.