OrbusVR patches in an interactive map and new transmog options

This probably looks better in... like... VR.

If you hate boring old non-interactive maps, OrbusVR has you covered with its newly added interactive map with its latest patch. Get out of here, boring old maps! The new map will let you view the world! It lets you set beacons! It interacts with you as a friend, starting a long and fulfilling friendship in which you encourage the map to go back to college and finish that screenwriting degree! (Note: That is not the case. It’s not that interactive.)

The patch also includes the option to transmog older gear in the game as part of your appearance, along with a new level 30+ perk tree, changes to certain talents, and viewable Shaman masks. It’s a nice quality of life improvement across the board; check out the full set of patch changes in the patch notes, and get ready to interact the heck out of that map. (As a map. You cannot interact with the map as a person.)

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