The Division 2’s Kenly College Expedition has apparently been rotated out


Surprise! The Division 2’s Expedition area Kenly College is now no longer available after being online for everyone only three weeks. Even more confounding is the fact that Expeditions were apparently always meant to be on a rotating schedule; I had to do a double-take on that one because I don’t ever recall any patch notes or official videos mentioning as much, which apparently is a reaction that most players of the online shooter had as well.

The news broke last week on the forums, where a reminder of activity schedules mentioned that the Kenly College Expedition would close today, August 13th, but would return again later this year. A response from one of the game’s devs on the Division subreddit confirmed that not only would this piece of content go away, but that Expeditions in general will always be on a rotating schedule, at least until the Mastery system is tightened up.

“We always envisioned Expeditions as a rotating experience that will be open for some time, close for a limited duration and become available again later. Part of that intention includes making sure that this experience offers new ingredients for replay-ability, which is where Masteries would normally come in.

Since the Mastery system was not ready for Episode 1, we had to make a decision between delaying Expeditions altogether or still open them for a full rotation to give all of you a taste of this experience. We would prefer to bring Expeditions back once the Mastery system is at the correct level of polish.”

A time frame for when Kenly College’s Expedition will come back is still not announced, so we can only assume either “Done when Masteries are done” or “Soon™.”

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Jordy Dormans

I am sorry guys, i got no good words for this disaster.
This feels like the game is still in BETA. Halve of the system
is either not working correctly or is disabled due to a “Not yet finished Mastery System”– Common man WE CALL THAT A BETA STAGE GAME !!!!

Yet i thought that the game was released ? At least episode 1.
Bug always need to be resolved after as they often show up after many people start using the system and it will get pushed to it’s limits, but saying you are disabling the expedition to Kenly completely due to a unfinished and not polished Mastery System, ……. there are no words to describe this disaster. It is simply not finished and we received a unfinished game. We are unable to get the Diamond Back rifle due to a system that is locked, due to a unfinished product. !!!!

We paid for this game as being “Released”, yet i find now i am unable to get the gun because you guys are lying and making excuses for all little things just to keep looking good together with Ubisoft. Through the years TC’s games became worse, more buggy, less played and receive lots more criticism. It says enough. For me at least i am completely done with this game studio, and will not be buying anymore titles from you.

I want a finished and polished game when i guy it!
If i want to BETA test i will join the BETA test, once the game is in that state.
But the moment i buy the game as being “Released”, i want to play the full game, and not parts of it!

Danny Smith

This was the point i uninstalled. Not out of buttmad fanboy rage but this just isn’t what i’m looking for and the game was great at the start but has grown extremely bland over time and this idea of novelty is not the sort of thing that grabs me. If i wanted time locking and rotating access i would be playing a mobile game or at best world of warcraft. Thats not what i want from this type of game so much as i loved the first it just really feels like this game isn’t designed for the audience i would be part of and thats a lotta space on a console that can be replaced with multiple other games i can try.

In all i would say D2 is a well made experience but it doesn’t know what it wants to be. It showers you with the highest levels of loot but its all bland, the story is barely there but its bland as well and the city is so much overgrown white noise with nothing as memorable as the locations in manhattan in the first game. They came out the gate praised for stability which says less about the games longterm quality and more about the extremely low standards for the genre across the board up to that point. My clan is dead. The group finder is dead. The Dark Zone is very, very dead. I don’t know who this game is being designed for but its not for me or anyone i know and i feel like its going to show up in a few months with a “this fixes everything!” patch being shilled by youtubers as they once again try to right a sinking ship after they shot holes in the bottom themselves.

But “wait a year after release and it might be fully functional” is basically the norm now for studios that get GaaS’ed.

Nick // Genghis

I say all of the following with love, but really Massive/Ubi W.T.F. Expeditions could have easily been a naturistic tileset that randomized upon spawning in, similar to the Underground from Div1. Follow that up with each of the wings providing a change of hunter spawns at Challenging+ content, and a TON of people, given a properly implemented UG style progression perk and unlock system, would have people playing out their asses currently. Or, give us a fog of war map with 3 areas to explore and have Heroic level mobs and encounters throughout it, and let us explore it as we please. Almost like another free open zone like from the main map, but super high level. Raid Zones. Yea. I am now however, having unlocked the diamondback exotic rifle, working on my Control Point lvl 4 grind for commendation and blueprints, finishing up other small exotics, doing the weekly invasions, and trying to get the last few apparel cache keys I desperate want for completionist sake. Huge opportunity missed here. They should have honestly just added 4 new main missions like the Zoo and White Oak. Those are phenomenally well done and great additions. Then rework and improve the entire expedition experience all together.

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah… I follow and play TD2 regularly and my reaction to this article is “BWAH?”