Fortnite addresses the importance of the B.R.U.T.E. and its actual impact

Guns and funs.

The latest season of Fortnite has added a big stompy mech in the form of the the B.R.U.T.E., and some people are really upset about that stompy mech. You can immediately see how it would feel upsetting to carefully survive through a match with precision headshots only to wind up getting stomped into paste by a gigantic war robot, and players have protested the machine’s inclusion and requested a removal. But a new post on the official site reveals that the mech isn’t going anywhere, especially since that sudden turnaround is… actually the entire point.

One of the goals with Fortnite’s design as outlined in the post is to allow for unexpected changes and to allow characters of varying skill levels a shot at winning. That means that having a big mech that can change the whole nature of the game in a moment is actually keeping in the spirit of things, especially when the stats show that the B.R.U.T.E. is responsible for very few actual eliminations in an average game. While the spawn rate has been lowered slightly in arena matches, it seems like the big tide-turning robot remains there to remind you that sometimes, the match goes to the person who got the big stompy robot.


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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Good for them to sticking with their decision. I get it that some players won’t like it, but as the statistics are saying, the mechs aren’t getting so many executions anyway. It looks like it’s just another weapon in the arsenal, although an oversized one.


Basically Fortnite is the extreme of what Blizzard/Riot/others do to keep their games fresh, i.e. “if it isn’t broken, break it as hard as you can to keep it fresh”.

It’s why competitive is largely treated as a joke and the only thing keeping their competitive scene up is the prize money incentive.

Ultimately their market is the ADHD kids who can’t go a month or two without some big drastic change that alters the game’s dynamic. So Epic will continue finding bigger and crazier things to inject into the game in order to keep it feeling fresh/unpredictable.

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Interesting. I’m curious to see how this plays out. Epic has the data on hand, and if the bulk of the players (not just the really loud ones) were abandoning the game because of the big stompy robot, Epic would know that by now. I suspect they lose more casual players to frustration with the precision headshot crew than with the stompy robot. I also suspect they make more money from the many casuals than from the (fewer) precision headshot types. I’m not a Fortnite player, but as I understand it, the elite matches, where the precision headshot types should theoretically be, don’t have the big stompy robot. The robot is Epic’s equivalent of Mario Kart’s Blue Shell.

My initial suspicion is that that this won’t affect player numbers much, and if anything they might even grow a little.


Sorenthaz touched on it a little but…

There wont’ much of a loss here. The casual base might get annoyed with it at times, but they won’t care enough about the mech to have them quit–they’re likely playing multiple games anyways so them not playing fortnite for a bit is already in the cards.
The pro players, meanwhile? Yeah there is massive pushback against the mech as it serves essentially as an ‘anti-skill’ weapon, and has no place in the Arena or any tournament styled, highly competitive mode.

But they won’t leave either, not when Epic is adhering to their general business practice of ‘throw money until they shut up’. The last major tournament held? You got $50,000 just for qualifying for it. Not winning, not really even participating… Just qualifying. Which was why there was a big stink raised over the guy caught cheating to get into said tourny, but rather than a ban Epic slapped his wrist and he got in anyways–and loss pretty much first game and then on.
Much as they hate it, Epic pays out way too much for them to not play the game. If Epic didn’t, then yeah… You’d likely see the ‘pro’ half of Fortnite fall apart.


Basically, for the pro side, Epic wants to keep the robot because they think it helps freshen up things for the audience, the enjoyment of the actual pro players be damned.