Black Desert PC patches the city of Velia as PS4 adds new servers ahead of launch


Nothing like a metropolitan facelift to get a patch going! This week in the PC version of Black Desert, Kakao and Pearl Abyss have overhauled Velia.

“Since Velia is one of the major cities of the world of Black Desert Online, it was time to invest and rebuild the wharf,” Kakao says. “From this week on, Velia will be a bit different than what you used to know with a new tavern and a new wharf! Take some time and come visit the revamped Velia!” It also sounds like some very important seagulls were moved from the area to make room. Very important seagulls. I love BDO patch notes.

The rest of the update brings some space tweaks for large ships, mount adjustments, and class control fixes (and a few extra for the Shai), plus the attendance program is still ongoing. The game is also super on sale right now, just $4.99 for the base starter package.

Of course, Black Desert is a bit busy this week with its PS4 launch, currently in headstart; the official launch rolls out tomorrowday, though PA has already added several new servers.


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