SuperData July 2019: Fortnite, League of Legends tumble as GTAO surges


League of Legends has been dethroned again, according to SuperData’s latest game industry global revenue report for the month of July 2019. Riot’s MOBA has traded places, once again, with Dungeon Fighter Online, which is now presiding atop the whole PC list. Beyond that on the PC side, there hasn’t been a whole lot of movement since June, apart from PUBG popping back in at the expense of FIFA Online 3. And World of Warcraft – just west – still sits in the 7th slot.

On the console side, however, there’s been a large shift, as Fortnite dropped from 1st to 4th, displaced by the likes of GTA5 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Apex Legends has also returned to the top 10, though the analytics company does note its second season is already weaker than its first. Here’s the deal on Grand Theft Auto’s climb:

“Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Casino update leads to a huge uptick. We estimate Grand Theft Auto Online made $69 million across console and PC in July following the anticipated Diamond Casino update, marking one of the best sales months for the game since launch and the first month of double-digit year-over-year growth since August 2018.”

Here’s all of SuperData’s 2019 reports so far:

Source: SuperData

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Trouble with this list is the BOTH WoW Classic and Retail WoW sit in the same bucket. I would very much like to see how the breakdown Classic vs. Retail shakes out. Probably not going to happen though. At least not without Blizzards direct input of data.


Who would have thought GTA Online would be #1 on console after the casino update? Interwebz says Honor of Kings made $2 billion dollars in 2018. Asia loves thier league MOBA’s.


They love their MMORPGs as well. While people here are trying to debate if MMORPGs are dying (which they aren’t), Asia keeps a few of them in the top world money makers on PC.

That and they keep a 15 year old game that hasn’t really ever done super well in the West at number one.

Then the 3rd game on the list isn’t released anywhere outside of Asian countries. I take a peek at information about that game and it just doesn’t look very appealing to me. I really love MMORPGs too but that isn’t the style or type I’m into.


The number of registered accounts in Fantasy Westward Journey Online is roughly the same as the entire US population. And it’s an 18 years old game, using the engine of an even older game.

AFAIK it’s only available in China, and only in Chinese to boot, so it manages all that — including beating WoW in revenue — in a single country, with very few people playing from other parts of the world.