Ashes of Creation drops new gameplay trailer after battle royale Steam test

Super, good call.

Wading into the Ashes of Creation community is one of those things that makes me wish I had those beach sandals that keep the sharp rocks and pointy shells out because wow.

Yesterday, Intrepid Studios held another free battle royale test for Ashes, this one on Steam specifically, and as MMO players already know, there’s considerable controversy about even just the existence of this part of the game. The battle royale first rolled out as a standalone free-to-play mode called Apocalypse intended to serve as a test for the Kickstarted MMORPG’s hybrid action combat system. It went offline this past spring when testing revealed the need for “architectural refactoring,” only to return yesterday for a brief 12-hour test on Steam.

Comments, Reddit, and Steam reviews – “mostly negative” right now – continue to demonstrate that the BR testing confuses and enrages a lot of gamers who backed an MMORPG and are convinced this is a scam and a money grab because of its (cosmetic) cash shop. Intrepid, for its part, has consistently maintained just the opposite: that work on the MMORPG continues and indeed that work on Apoc is work on AOC. It’s all more than a little exhausting.

Our PvP columnist, Sam Kashani, attended yesterday’s playtest in person, so you’ll be reading all about his experience in his next Fight or Kite. Devs are currently collecting feedback for what we assume will be a proper debrief.

In other Ashes news, Intrepid apparently dropped a new gameplay – MMORPG gameplay – video over on IGN. You’ll spy everything from running and fighting to flying mounts and horses – even dragons and castle siege.

Source: Twitter, IGN
As tipster Viyid pointed out to us, the game is now hidden on Steam, but the community forum there is still accessible, suggesting that it’ll be unhidden for future testing.
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