Superdata February 2019: EA’s Apex Legends and Anthem crushed it as Blizzard fumbled


If you were wondering exactly how Apex Legends stacks up against Fortnite since the former’s debut earlier this year, SuperData’s February 2019 global revenue report is where you want to point your eyeballs. EA’s new shiny entered the PC list at #6, just behind Fortnite, and the console list at #4, just behind both Fortnite and Anthem (and FIFA, another feather in EA’s cap).

Apex Legends has the best launch month of any free-to-play game in history,” SuperData declares. “Apex Legends generated an estimated $92 million from in-game spending across all platforms, with the majority coming from console. Despite this, Fortnite still came in above Apex Legends in the top grossing rankings.”

And Anthem pulled in $100M in digital revenue and was the “top-selling title by units on console in February.” Not too shabby, and two huge wins for EA.

Who’s not winning? League of Legends hasn’t reclaimed its top slot from Dungeon Fighter Online, Hearthstone’s continued its nosedive (“dropping 52% across PC and mobile, partly due to heightened competition within the genre and likely franchise fatigue”), and World of Warcraft fell from 7th to 9th place on the PC side. World of Warcraft West, that is – it’s still not clear why the game’s non-Western revenue is no longer included in this “global” ranking.

Here’s SuperData’s 2019 reports so far:

Source: SuperData
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