SuperData June 2019: WoW’s back in the top 10 as Overwatch players have spent $1B on in-game content

You really shouldn't have.

There’s good news for MMOs in the June SuperData video games global revenue charts, most notably the fact that a “real” MMORPG has finally returned to the top 10.

We’re talking about World of Warcraft – flagged “West” and therefore inexplicably not counting Eastern revenue – which landed at number seven on the PC revenue chart after a stint away. Rise of Azshara launched on June 25th, so one might assume hype and renewed subs had more than a little to do with its revenue spike, one Blizzard could surely use right about now, since Overwatch is missing again, as is Hearthstone. Then again, as SuperData points out, Overwatch has done well over its lifetime, even if it’s not hanging with the top revenue-earners right now.

“Overwatch surpasses $1 billion from in-game spending. Blizzard’s MOBA shooter became the 64th game on either console, PC or mobile to generate over $1 billion from in-game content alone. Overwatch is also Activision Blizzard’s sixth IP to hit this mark, after World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Destiny, Candy Crush and Hearthstone.”

Roblox returned to the top 10 on PC too, which is fun. On console side, there’s been little change for online gamers, as Fortnite continues to hold steady in the number one spot. And on mobile, Pokemon Go resurged – as it often does in summer – to rank at number two.

Here’s all of SuperData’s 2019 reports so far:

Source: SuperData
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