SuperData March 2019: The Division 2’s strong entry and the dominance of battle royale

But seriously, what's Damien's deal this week?

Were you worried about the success of The Division 2? Maybe don’t be. Ubisoft’s big multiplayer sequel entered Superdata’s global gaming revenue charts at #1 on the console side for March.

But while they aren’t holding any records, it’s the battle royale titles still bringing in the bucks month to month, as both Fortnite and Apex Legends retained high ranks on PC and console. “Fortnite continues to hold steady despite increased competition,” says the analytics firm. “Fortnite revenue grew 7% year-over-year in March, which is the first year-ago comparison that includes console, PC and Mobile (Fortnite began its iOS beta in March 2018). We expect that Fortnite will face tough comparisons going forward as it’s unlikely to replicate last year’s meteoric rise during Spring and Summer 2018.”

Over on the mobile list, there’s a familiar name for MMO players but a full new entry on the mobile list, right there at the top spot: Perfect World. Pokemon Go is still hanging in there at #4 as well.

And if you were looking for a Blizzard comeback? It’s not there. In fact, World of Warcraft “west” – again, still inexplicably split from “east” – has fallen another tick, to #10 PC side.

Here’s all of SuperData’s 2019 reports so far:

Source: Superdata

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10th place isn’t bad considering all the other real MMOs are behind WoW. What’s ahead of WoW any way Battle Royals and MOBA’s, not MMOs in my opinion?

Anton Mochalin

DFO is an MMO, at least it’s one of the main tags on it on Steam. So yeah suck it WoW.