Elder Scrolls Online is previewing the Dragonhold DLC at this month’s PAX West


With the Scalebreaker DLC out the door earlier this month, Elder Scrolls Online’s vaunted “Year of the Dragon” has just one more big update to go: Dragonhold. Due to be released later this year, Dragonhold will add the zone of Pellitine, a plague-ravaged wasteland.

Before Dragonhold releases — and even before it goes on the test server — fans can get their hands on it by heading over to PAX West in Seattle later this month. ZeniMax announced that it will make the DLC available for fans to play on the evening of August 31st at the First & Bell event venue. Attendees can also snag a pet, enjoy free snacks, and talk to the devs about the game. MOP will be in attendance, so you can look forward to our impressions too!

So what can players do in Pellitine? “There you must gather allies (including fan-favorite Sai Sahan), reform the ancient Dragonguard order, develop powerful new tools and weapons, and put an end to the Dragon menace before it threatens to engulf all of Tamriel,” the studio posted earlier this year.


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Daniel Reasor

I’m idly curious to know what the plan is for players who sacrificed Sai at the end of the Molag Bal quest chain.

Not curious enough to renew my subscription and level up a new toon… just idly curious.


I’m sure they’ll just retcon it like they did with Raz.


I’m going to the GW2 event the day before. I love these events where no PAX attendee badge is required.