Sea of Thieves discusses the upcoming Black Market and other September features

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How do you return time-limited cosmetics to a game like Sea of Thieves? The whole point of the cosmetics was to encourage people to play, and they were meant to be exclusive for the players active when they were introduced; at the same time, new players don’t like feeling as if the game no longer offers any cool stuff to current players. The newest development video explains a compromise in the form of the game’s upcoming Black Market, which will offer specific variants on these older cosmetic items for players. That way newer players still get a chance to get similar items, but players roaming around with classic and now-vanished cosmetic options will still be the only ones with those cosmetics.

The market will be selling these sorts of cosmetic items for dubloons, while gold can be used to purchase other items from the marketplace; in addition, the dubloon cost for voyages will be removed, which means that there are now more ways to earn dubloons in the game and fewer regular costs. This does mean that the developers are looking at the overall balance for the currency, but at the moment, it just means that you’ll have no shortage of options for things to buy when the Black Market launches next month. Check out the full video just below for more details.

Source: YouTube

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