TERA’s Skywatch: High Stakes update adds mystery merchants and brings back the Demon’s Wheel


Time to push all your chips to the center of the table and gamble big in TERA. Well, gamble big without losing actual money, anyway (please don’t buy lootboxes). Instead, gamble with your digital life with the return of the Demon’s Wheel dungeon or check out the wares of some new mysterious merchants. See? Much less chance of causing awful real-life consequences.

Starting today, two limited-time events are available in the world of TERA. First are these mystery merchants, who will offer up some valuable items for Mystery Market Coins. Players can get these coins by taking part in any item level 435+ dungeon, as well as Ghillieglade, Corsairs’ Stronghold, or Shore Hold. You can even buy coins from goblin merchants located near these new vendors if you so choose. Simply head to any major in-game city and look for the sense of mystery tingling up your neck… or at least for the group of player characters crowded around one guy.

If you’d rather take risks with your character’s life, then there’s always the Demon’s Wheel dungeon, which is coming back in all of its vice-enabling, dice-rolling glory. Players can look forward to loot that includes a Skill Advancement Tome, some food items, or a Demoros’s Puzzling Box that could contain another box that contains a Dice that can be traded in for some unique items. Basically, there’s a lot of chance here.

The update is due to go live today, with patch notes expected soon if not already by the time you’re seeing this story. You can also get the briefing here.


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