Project C’s 2019 roadmap includes wildlife, customization, and commerce


Darewise is pushing ahead with its open world sci-fi MMO, and you are invited to join the journey — at least mentally. The studio put out a roadmap this week for Project C’s development, taking players from the present through the end of the year.

This month the team is working on the wildlife of the alien planet of Corvus, such as the giant Iron Beetle. Next month is all about player specializations via equipment sets that allow for choices between crafting, fighting, exploring, and trading.

Then in October, the team will focus on building up a commerce system modeled on the “dusty main street” of the American Old West. “We want commerce to help drive in-game quests and content for players, making this one of our most significant systems to build,” the team said.

Finally in November, character customization will get love with cosmetics, base decorations, and UI elements. The team hopes that you will be able to “find just the right way to express yourself” with these systems.

Source: Project C

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Is this the squeal to Project D?


No, Projekt R(Rokh).

Raimo Kangasniemi

This sounds very much like The Repopulation….