The Mycelial Crisis will be the first event to leverage Star Trek Online’s new event reward system


Last week, we all were informed of the ways that events in Star Trek Online will be changing, moving away from Reputation and towards a progress bar that gets filled via participating. Now we have information about the next game event along with more details on how this new system plays out.

The Mycelial Crisis will let players earn Progress Points by playing a new episode, a new Task Force Operation, and any number of five new Patrols, for a total of up to 60 Progress Points every 20 hours. Once players have raked in 1200 points, they can snag themselves a new Tier 6 Elachi Qulash frigate for their account, along with Elachi Disurptor Weapon packs and Ultimate Tech Upgrades. After earning those rewards, players can keep on snagging 60 Points to get some daily Dilithium Ore, starting with 5,000 Ore for the first day and scaling upwards for each day completed.

Additionally, there will be a Zen buyout option for those who would rather get right to the Dilithium rewards or who have more funny money than time. The base price will be 6,000 Zen, but earning Progress Points will reduce that cost by a percentage. This buyout option will even persist after the event is concluded, with the price scaled based on Points earned while the event was active.

The Mycelial Crisis will ride along with the Awakening update on September 10th for PC players.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Panagiotis!
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Yeesh. Still all-in, aren’t they. I don’t blame the devs, I’m sure there’s all sorts of contract obligations…

But I can’t ever forget JMS’s lament, when Babylon 5 was ramping up to the Shadow War, the most epic of all SF arc’s ever to grace the screen (DS9 very close 2nd!), he complained about Voyager (on rastb5) and it’s competing episode about the Alien Cheese Virus.

They really just dont get it. I’m not excited about grinding up my Cheese faction.


Goulash is actually great. Makes me want to re-install the game after not playing it for two years.