Torchlight Frontiers’ ninth alpha update will introduce item enchanting and a lucky tree


Luck doesn’t grow on trees, except for the world of Torchlight Frontiers. The in-development MMOARPG has shared some features of its next alpha update, which will grant players some new Fort items in the form of a Luck-boosting tree and an Enchanting Station to boost their kit.

When Update 9 launches, items will have as many as two or three Enchanting slots. Players will be able to break down unwanted items for essences and use these essences for the Enchanting process. Everyone will start off with a default set of enchantments, which are separated into different categories based on item and have reagent requirements that scale to an item’s rarity level.

The results of Enchantment are a bit RNG-based, though a recipe’s name seems to indicate the type of effect that can be applied: An example given is the “Shock and Awe” recipe, which has a chance to apply a variety of lightning and blinding effects such as lightning damage, stun chance, and blind chance and duration. Furthermore, the range of effects adjusts based on the rarity level of the item being enchanted. Mercifully, players can disenchant an item and try again if the granted effect isn’t wanted, though disenchantment will wipe every slot clean.

As for the Luck Tree, this pretty piece of plant life will provide a modest boost to Item Luck. This boost is account-wide and comes in five tiers. Earning those tiers for the Tree is a matter of sacrificing unwanted items to it, with higher quality items granting faster progression to the Tree’s growth.

These are reportedly only a couple of features due for Update 9 of Torchlight Frontiers, which will also include the return of Fame and Contracts; those features will be detailed in the next dev blog.

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Kevin Smith

They have improved this game with every major patch. It runs a lot more smoothly now than it did in the first test. Even the way you get skills has improved ten fold. They are actually listening to testers it seems. My only concern will still be the entire public areas an fighting for spawns, especially quest mobs. It was a huge problem when everyone was in the starting areas. Range players can kill things faster than melee can get to them so if you choose to go the melee route then just keep that in mind. I do love my forge though.

Castagere Shaikura

Funny I signed up for testing when this game was put up and just today got my invite to testing. I almost forgot about it.