Smuggler’s Fortune brings the cash shop and the Black Market to Sea of Thieves


It’s time to go shopping in Sea of Thieves! The Smuggler’s Fortune update has gone live for the piratical sandbox, offering players a couple of new places to spend their hard-earned in-game and real world money, along with a couple of other features.

If you prefer to get your cosmetics from in-game pursuits, then the Black Market might be for you. The Black Market will offer variants of existing and formerly time-limited cosmetics, purchasable with either Gold or Doubloons respectively. Earning Doubloons is a matter of picking up one of the free Reaper’s Grave Voyages to find and sell a chest full of bones within the appointed time limit. These Voyages come in standard and Pirate Legend variety, along with a Seapost to Seapost Voyage for those who would rather try to avoid other players (and their cannons).

On the cash shop side of things, there’s the Pirate Emporium, which holds some of the more unique cosmetics that aren’t available anywhere else, such as parrot and monkey pets, exclusive emotes, and unique ship liveries. A dev blog post from executive producer Joe Neate went deeper into what the Pirate Emporium is all about, explaining that the cash shop is guided by the principles of transparency, fairness, and refusal to add pay-to-win items or lootboxes.

Smuggler’s Fortune has also brought back skeleton sloops, added Arena cross-play preference options, and introduced the Sea Dog’s Tavern Challenge jumping puzzle. You can get a full briefing of what’s in this update with the video embeds below.


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