Black Desert plans three-week Season of the Hunt event starting September 25


It’s been a bit of a bye week in Black Desert’s PC version thanks to an extra-long maintenance mode – gamers will recall that Kakao announced there’d be no big patch today on account of that. But it doesn’t mean the company has nothing new planned; on the contrary, Kakao and Pearl Abyss are prepping a big wave of events starting next week on September 25th: Season of the Hunt.

“This series of events will be laid out over a three week time period with each event lasting for two weeks or longer,” Kakao says. “The event will kick off with a Trina Knights First Captains Support Kit (7-days) giveaway for high level players. This kit allows players to experience its high tier weapon and accessories. Eligible players (lvl 56 and lvl 58) will be able to claim the kit between the 25th of September up until the 23th of October (before that day’s maintenance). Fever Time Boost will also commence on the 25th of September giving all Black Desert Online players upto +200% Combat EXP and +30% Skill EXP boost. This hefty boost will help players to level-up faster than ever before. Ideal for those who want to level their alts. This buff will be available starting from the 25th of September up until the 8th of October.”

There’s more too, including bonuses for playing specific lengths of time, a world boss drop rate buff, more bonuses for Marni’s Stones events, and the addition of a new highbie grinding spot (yes, they call them grind spots). In the meantime, however, players can look forward to another round of Gold Rush.

Source: Press release
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TL;DR yet another whale hunt to harpoon stupids into buying “artisan memories” for RNG equipment enhancements.