Project Gorgon’s September update touches combat, treasure, and skills


Tiny indie studio Elder Game is still doggedly working on the whimsical and weird MMORPG Project Gorgon, and as of today, the September patch has arrived, complete with more adjustments to combat.

“In this update we focused on providing players with more survivability options, and one part of the game that wasn’t pulling its weight (in terms of importance to players) is the Combat Refresh,” Elder Game writes. “Every 15 seconds, your Basic Attack triggers a ‘Combat Refresh’ that restores extra health, armor, and/or power. The amount you recover is partially based on the level of your Basic Attack, but the biggest increases come from your armor: every piece of armor increases the health, armor, and/or power recovered from a Combat Refresh. The amounts are based on the material the armor’s made of: cloth, leather, metal, or organic. In this update, we’ve boosted these numbers quite a lot.”

Players can also expect armor material set bonuses, improvements to generic treasure effects, turning for the Mentalism skill, more Fae Realm content adjustments, and carpentry and mining tweaks.

Project Gorgon hit early access on Steam in March of 2018, where it still remains with a price of $39.99. It’s continued pushing out regular patches since then and even took our best indie MMO of the year award last December. Earlier this year, developer Eric Heimburg explained that the budget and pace of development were designed so that the game will never fail like so many other crowdfunded titles. We last dipped into the world last spring; our MMO Cartographer found it “quirky and imaginative while adhering to enough of the MMORPG tropes to feel pleasantly familiar.”

Source: Patch notes

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I might go back and get Gorgon some more of my time one day. I played with it a while back, but it sounds like things have come along nicely since then.