Chronicles of Elyria’s Kickstarter-versary crowdfunding drive sees nearly every extra item unlocked


Last week we told you about an anniversary/crowdfunding event for Chronicles of Elyria which was set to open up new items and new gameplay features like astral dreaming and straight-up cannibalism if sales of special items met certain funding milestones. Within that week, fans of the developing MMORPG reportedly beat up Soulbound Studios with their wallets to unlock practically everything on the list.

Eight of the nine features and items offered have been opened up, from the very basic table clock all the way up to gliders and the aforementioned Drasean cannibalism. In fact, the dev blog surmises that the final goal — astral dreaming gameplay, unlocked with a goal of $360k — will likely be unlocked soon. If it does, there will be additional features up for offer with new crowdfunding milestones.

To help facilitate this spending spree, the second week of the Kickstarter-versary is offering up new limited time items including a mount, outfits, and the ability to own a legendary tavern in the Tropical Wetlands. If you’re among those looking to break some funding goals and get some stuff in the process, you can take a look at the goods.

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2Ton Gamer

Not surprised they are still throwing out fund raising schemes, just surprised at the people continuously throwing money their way. People, hold them accountable and make them show something real and impressive before sinking another dime into this make believe.


It’s like they saw Shroud of the Avatar’s inane crowdfunding scheme and decided they’d try to be the Star Citizen of the fantasy genre…

These guys raised ~1.2 or 1.3 million on kickstarter. I’ve not been keeping a major track of things here… but, on top of developing an MMO? That money’s supposedly going to also be for the various side-games they want to do. Them adding in brand new features to a game that is hardly even at a state one might call ‘playable’ is crazy. They should be busy ensuring their game is actually functional and fun before they start adding in the ability to crap out human bones or creating new visual filters to smear over the screen for ‘astral’ projections.

I can’t help but wonder, if the Fantasy shtick wasn’t so heavily catered to as is (unlike Star Citizen’s particular niche of the genre), how much more would they have banked? How much more would they have made? Hell, if the genres were flipped? Would we be hearing all kinds of crap about Chronicles of Elyria and the like then?


I need to start my own gaming cult, clearly there’s huge money to be made.

Matthew Yetter

CoE’s Kickstarter launched in 2016 they were expecting the game to roll out December 2017. So not only are they two years late on delivery but all they really have to show for their efforts so far are a MUD and a poorly functioning website.

Ashes of Creation came on the scene later and has significantly more to show for their efforts. Plus much better communication with the community.

I’m sorry but anyone who gives them money at this point is a doe eyed dreamer. I backed them in 2016 but they’re not getting another dime from me until they actually have something significant to show for it. Which I frankly doubt is ever going to happen.

P Jones

2 years late and not even in Alpha. Gameplay delivered = 0 Sales delivered = Many!