Dauntless 1.0 has officially launched with today’s Aether Unbound update


It’s a new dawn for Dauntless and its over 15 million players. Today marks the official launch of the multiplayer action RPG, bringing a wrap to five years of open development and introducing plenty of new goodies for fans to dig in to.

One of the marquee features is the new Aether Strikers fist weapon, which lets players string together swift punches on a Behemoth. A new Dire Behemoth is also introduced in the form of the Tempestborne Stormclaw, and a new Hunt Pass is live with more rewards to collect for free players and those who buy the Premium edition.

Finally, there are Bounties, which replace the weekly quests and instead grant players the opportunity to choose up to four of their own challenges for rewards. Bounties cost Bounty Tokens to open, which can be earned from several gameplay sources or bought from the in-game store. Tokens bought from the in-game store can be used from Hunt Pass season to Hunt Pass season, but free Tokens are only applicable to the season they were earned in. Bounties can even come in bronze, silver, and gold rarities with associated challenge levels and rewards.

The Aether Unbound update is now live for PC players via the Epic Games Store, or on Xbox One and PS4, all with full cross-platform play. The Nintendo Switch version will see the new update once it arrives to the console in late 2019.

source: press release