Multiplayer monster sandbox Day of Dragons just funded for over half a million dollars

Multiplayer monster sandbox Day of Dragons just funded for over half a million dollars

Day of Dragons has gotten just a sliver of coverage here on Massively OP as it headlined a crowdfunding column, but today it’s getting a bunch more, as the game successfully closed out its Kickstarter overnight, pulling in $533,890 from an impressive 12,000-odd backers.

It’s not exactly an MMO, but we had our eye on it because it’s a “online creature survival sandbox game set in a large, beautiful, open world with multiple biomes” – sort of a mash-up between a survival sandbox and a monster-hunting game – with, of course, a heavy emphasis on dragons.

Developer Beawesome Games says it expects the game to run along in Steam early access for “at least a year” following its drop on November 21st.

“This is our first game and up to this point we have been 100% self-funded. The biggest remaining challenges we face are funding and exposure to the public. In terms of funding, games are expensive to make as we’ve discovered. We’re not asking for large amounts of funding to complete our project, just what we need. Any funding over and above will allow us to add more content, sooner rather than later.”

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Rheem Octuris

I wonder what other monsters you will be able to play as, if any. Dragons are just a bit cliche to be honest, I’d rather play something else.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Congrats to them for going from ask of $12,000 to $500,000 stretch. I hope they have a tidy production schedule and meet their development goals. I hope they don’t give their souls to EGS for the exclusive money and screw their Steam supporters.

Most of all, hope it’s a fun game.