WoW Classic highlights Blizzard’s Tom Chilton as whispers of WoW 8.3 begin

Approved tiger palettes

Different kitty.

It’s time for another WoW Classic sitdown with one of the original developers of the game, this time with love-him-or-hate-him Tom Chilton. Chilton doesn’t really divulge fascinating secrets so much as (a) admit that he barely played classes before he started working on their talent trees, (b) is still traumatized from when Chris Metzen went off the deep end about the colors of Night Elf mounts, and (c) loves everything in the game so very much.

Meanwhile in modern World of Warcraft, there are hints that Patch 8.3 might be hitting the test server soon. Wowhead figures this because an encrypted vendor build appeared, an event which usually precedes a PTR appearance. Then again, there’s next month’s BlizzCon to consider — Blizzard might just wait until then to reveal the last major patch for Battle for Azeroth.

Source: YouTube, Wowhead

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so it was chris that held the game together for all that time, just like john romero did with doom.


Ah, I remember the days of hating Kalgan because he was the face attributed with PvP balance in TBC and Warlocks were often on the nerf block.


…don’t forget the hidden damage throttling mechanics on Fire Mages! >.<

Dave Smithson

The developers of modern WoW missed the point of the game entirely. They replaced character customization with skills that only left the player with very limited options. They replaced the sense of getting stronger and more powerful as you level with “level scaling”. This idea alone caused me to quit modern WoW.

With the return of Classic also comes the feeling of really being an individual. The more choices I have in game the happier I will be. I just hope the developers keep their hands off of this great game. If future expansions are in the works I can only advise them to add to the game while changing nothing that exists in WoW Classic.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

WoW has been split asunder. I wonder how that will affect populations in Classic and BFA respectively in the long term.