Blade & Soul’s Halloween event returns on October 16


Blade & Soul is once again getting in to the spooky spirit next week with the arrival of its Blade and Ghoul event on Wednesday, October 16th, bringing back the Candycloud Park encounter and a bevy of seasonal goodies to earn.

Yes, Candycloud Park is back and so are Yippi and Skippi, who once more are looking to crash a birthday party being held for Papa Pazhu’s daughter at the location. Once this special event area is unlocked and defeated, it can be re-entered once a day by those looking to score some Pumpkin Spice Candy currency. This new currency can also be earned by completing several raids and a number of daily quests, by opening Halloween Boxes, and by logging in to the game each day.

As tasty as Pumpkin Spice Candy may sound, you’ll instead want to trade it in to the Dragon Express vendor for various cosmetics, materials, Gems, and XP and Reputation Charms. You can also use these candies to purchase the Grave Raider Upgrade Token and Ghost Hunter Upgrade Coin, which can be consumed to upgrade some lower and mid-tier accessories. If you don’t feel like spending your Candy on these tokens, you can get them from transmutation as well.

The event runs between October 16th and November 13th, with the redemption period for items ending on December 11th. All of the details on what items are awaiting you can be read at the official site.

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They have a lot to make up for. This last patch broke dailies and Trove was noticeably horrible. But they did release the Archer which has been a lot of fun.

Come on NCwest. Take care of your players and they will take care of you.


They should make those models in the header image into a playable race to select, would be awesome berserkers.


I think you can roll those Yonkai models on the Jun’s…but that’s a lot of sliders to fiddle with in the CC I suspect. o.O