Fractured opens up a porting test weekend ahead of Alpha 2 in November

We hunted ourselves.

How long do projects take in software development? The old standby is that you should take your most realistic estimate and double it, but it turns out that the estimates forĀ Fractured porting its Unity and SpatialOS interaction were still wildly wrong and it took a good two months to come together. The good news is that it has been done, which means that the game is opening up for a port test weekend from October 11th to October 14th. If you were in the game’s first alpha, you can jump in and see how it feels now!

Players waiting for the second alpha, meanwhile, do have a bit longer to wait… but notĀ much longer, as the second alpha test has been confirmed to start in November. Exact dates have not yet been announced, and there may be another weekend test or two ahead of this test phase, just for stress testing (even for registered users who haven’t bought in to test packages). So while it took a while for the porting to happen, it’s done now and leading into more exciting forward progress.

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