Blade & Soul’s latest update brings Halloween, crafting system updates, and new PvP equipment


I was pretty sure the only major thing coming soon to Blade & Soul was the game’s Halloween event, but the patch notes that accompany the update that brings Halloween have offered up a slew of additional features, including crafting updates and some new kit for PvP players to unlock.

Crafting has seen a variety of updates meant to simplify the process. The number of materials to make items has been reduced; crafting now only takes one minute except when making materials; Premium Materials are being phased out; and Material Chests earned from dungeons and quests are being replaced with Rare Elements. There are also new crafting recipes, achievements, and collections.

For PvPers, there’s a new Dragonfang weapon tier, which can be evolved from Incinerator weapon stages 8-9. The materials needed to get to this new tier and upgrade the weapon can be earned from the Battleground Trader and from completing PvP daily and weekly quests. There are also a number of new PvP Soul Shields added to the Battleground Trader. For those who prefer PvE, there’s reduced costs for the Grand Celestial weapon.

Speaking of PvP, Blade & Soul’s 2019 World Championship esports event is coming soon, and players can net themselves some goodies for tuning in like various materials, Orbs of Ascension, and an exclusive Assassin outfit. Broadcasts begin this Sunday, October 20th.

source: official site (1, 2)
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Crafting changes are welcome. For high tier items, it used to take days. I’m a little worried because I have many unopened materials chests. So… I’m hoping they will still work as designed and aren’t replaced. I have too many to count and want all of those mats.

Other than, that. I’m still working on my archer. Need to jump back in there and get it done.


No Lyn Assassins yet? :(


Heh. You know their methods. Korea justs got it and we are about two months behind at least. So, I’m hoping for a Christmas gift with furry ears and a deadly and razor-sharp knife.