Albion Online outlines plans for improving its mobile client UI


Good news for players excited by a mobile client for Albion Online: The game’s development team now has someone dedicated specifically to the game’s mobile version, starting with an in-depth exploration of the game’s UI and performance issues on mobile devices. That means offering a better UI meant to be used with a touchscreen interface, which means larger and clearer buttons, solutions for text and information presentation, and an easier HUD to use when staring at your phone or tablet.

This also means looking into support for various touch controls, including long presses, pinching, and the like to improve the UI functionality. In addition, the client will need to be optimized to deal with performance issues, especially when players on mobile are exploring heavily populated areas. If you’re a dedicated mobile fan, your feedback and thoughts are already welcomed on the official forum thread discussing these planned improvements; the plan is to make the game available on mobile stores next year.


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If they spent a bit of their time into making a better housing system, even if not nailing it right away-but as an improvement direction, I would probably play it


Until the fix the “you have to uninstall and reinstall the client” issue I won’t even consider mobile. I tried it for I think about a month and I had to do that on weekly basis. total PITA.


The ios version has been in silence for years. So long in fact, that I don’t care about the game anymore since their mobile page has not been updated with anything either. The initial crowdfunding of the game i supported stated it was coming to ios… and its just not there.. its apparently in “beta” or something.


I thought by now they had just abandoned the mobile version since they could never get it to run worth a hoot.