Legends of Aria delays server merge and rolls back original servers due to tech issues


So the server merge that was scheduled to happen for Legends of Aria didn’t happen. It didn’t happen so hard that players are actually finding themselves in rolled back versions of their old servers.

Here’s what happened: Ethereal Moon started running into issues starting on the 31st, which forced the devs to roll back the server. After that, the team seemed poised to start up the housing rush, but then ran in to another critical issue that forced another server roll back. Finally, on Friday, November 1st, the devs decided to delay the server merge outright. And, yes, this fix came with another roll back:

“For now, all your characters are going back to their home servers, as they were pre-transfer, while we prepare the new move. We apologize for the inconvenience, you’ve all been incredibly helpful and patient with us during this process and we truly wish it had worked flawlessly on our first attempt.”

The good news, however, is that the devs have apparently figured out a more refined way to transfer players over without using moving crates, meaning players can unpack their house and all of its items with a single button click once Ethereal Moon is back up and running. Additionally, all players who had to muddle through the server merge problems will be getting a five pack of Power Hour potions as a way of saying thanks for their patience.

As of right now, the new moving solution has yet to be ironed out, but details will be coming soon.

sources: Twitter, Steam, official forums, cheers Ty!

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