Wizard101 digs up trouble and adds a spell boosting system with the Wizard City Underground update


Wizard City is a lot of things, but “dangerous” isn’t normally one of them. At least, that used to be the case until one of the Landscapers got lost in the labyrinthine tunnels beneath. Now it’s up to players of Wizard101 to find the missing Landscaper and maybe unearth some secrets in the process.

The Wizard City Underground update is offering some new questlines for low and high level players, both of which involve heading beneath Wizard City to work with the Subterranean Sanitation Operations crew. The low-level quest involves locating the aforementioned missing Landscaper, while the high-level quest starts with handling a trash issue in the Wizard City drains that promises to unfold “ancient mysteries and terrible tragedies, and the lost history of the Spiral.”

It’s not all sewer diving in the update, however. There’s also a new Spellwrighting System that lets Wizrd101 players earn new spells and upgrade existing spells to new levels of power, two new utility spells that let players delay the cast of a spell, a Backpack Butler that helps players locate items in all of their inventories, and updates to the Hatchmaking Kiosk, PvP, Castle Magic, and more.

Make sure to get all of the specific details in the update notes and check out the trailer below.


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