Wild Terra devs announce Wild Terra 2, now open for crowdfunding

Terra, then Terra again.

Did you notice that updates for PvP MMO sandbox Wild Terra had slowed down? We did, but we assumed the game was just reaching the end of funding or development. But as it turns out, it’s actually just the opposite: The Juvty Worlds developers were instead working on a sequel with better graphics and new mechanics.

“Developing Wild Terra, at some point we ran into the ceiling of technology. The old engine did not allow adding something really big and new — dungeons, bosses, day-night cycle, and many other things that you and we want to add for a very long time,” they wrote on Steam. “There was only one solution. At the beginning of 2019, our team (at the moment there are only four sleepy, but very enthusiastic people) began the development of Wild Terra 2: New Lands. Only starting from the very beginning, it was possible to create exactly that dream game that we thought about while working on Wild Terra. A game with many features and details. We immediately decided that it would be right not to give empty promises, but first to make a fairly large part of the game, and only then show it to you. This moment has come.”

The new game’s mechanics build on the old.

“The same mechanics formed the basis of Wild Terra 2: New Lands, however, there will be many more new ones in this game, and we decided to completely rework or completely abandon all the bad moments. You are waiting for epic bosses, a big whole world with PvP and PvE zones, dungeons, fishing, sea wanderings, caravans, you can give tasks to your characters during your absence, the game will have a system of fires, diseases, day and night, weather, a refined system of dominiums and castles, tournaments, completely new sieges, new professions, even more crafting and construction, and much more that we together will come up with. One of the main mechanics is New Continents. New season. New continent. New rules. You can live on the One Mainland – build, develop, hunt, explore PvP and PvE zones. Or you can challenge and go to New Lands — every season a new continent will be available, with a variety of biomes and inhabitants, conditions, rules and rewards upon completion. For example, you can get to the continent with a very harsh winter all year round, where all the villages were empty due to the plague, and barely surviving forced to hunt people for food.”

Juvty says the new game will be self-published without investors, though it’s asking for player funding and backing through fundraising. And what about the original game? It’s not going anywhere: “We do not close the first Wild Terra, this game is especially dear to us, we will continue to develop the project and delight you with updates.”

Source: Steam, WT2 website. Thanks, Panagiotis!
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