Apex Legends raises the level cap substantially but adds a lot more rewards to it

I blew things up!

You may or may not be at the old level cap for Apex Legends, but you are almost certainly not at the new cap. The game’s level cap is being raised to 500 from its current cap of 100, meaning that even the highest players now are going to be doing some catch-up. But that’s all right because players are going to be getting a whole lot more along the way, chiefly a whole lot more free crates via leveling. In addition to the coin rewards that players will still get, there are now 199 crates available just through leveling, including a grand total of 57 just from 1-100.

And yes, this is good news even for players currently at the level cap, as any crates you would have earned will be added retroactively, so you’ll get a whole mess of free stuff as well as getting to earn more stuff. There are also player level gun charms earned at each 100-level milestone, offering further incentive for advancement. So not only do you have more of a climb ahead of you, you’ll almost certainly wind up with more rewards for that climb. The change arrives on December 3rd, so get ready to keep working up those levels.


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