No Man’s Sky launches significant quality-of-life improvements and new features in tomorrow’s Synthesis update


Where the Beyond update in No Man’s Sky changed the game, the upcoming Synthesis update will refine it. This new large-scale update for the multiplayer space survival title, which is due tomorrow, will bring a host of features that could mostly be filed under “quality-of-life” but will certainly provide a big impact.

For one thing, players will get to upgrade their starships. Heading to a Starship Outfitting Terminal in a space station will let players either improve their ship’s inventory or upgrade its class at the cost of nanites. Players can also salvage unwanted ships for some valuable scrap and tech. There’s also some visual improvements to the flatten terrain and restore terrain features of the Terrain Manipulator. Furthermore, any terrain edits made within a base are now protected from regeneration.

But that’s not all. There’s also a new first-person view while driving an exocraft, the ability to save custom outfits, several new technologies, new triangular building parts along with improvements and reduced costs for building in general, a more legible in-cockpit space map, added capacity for Storage Containers, a personal refiner item that lets players refine items while on the go, and the ability to have multiple Multi-Tools.

For those who are eager to dig in ahead of tomorrow’s update, the patch notes are here, and make sure to look over the latest dev blog which offers some nods to the community, both in terms of creative content and work on in-game community research.

source: official site (1, 2)
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